Foothills Drug Store Online Refill Requests

Online Refill Request Form.....DO NOT USE LOGIN AT BOTTOM OF THE PAGE


 Don't forget to click yes and submit to send request.


Please Allow 24 to 48 hours for Doctor approval on prescriptions without refills remaining.

If you are using the online refill request for the 1st time you will need to email us or call us to request a pin number.  Please reference your prescription number in the message. We will assign you a pin and you may change this pin at a later time.

Prescriptions placed on hold can not be refilled through this online system.  Please call us at (209) 920-3299 to fill prescriptions that were on hold.

Refill with our FREE MOBILE APP

Refill with our FREE mobile app* on your iPhone®, iPad® or AndroidTM


1) download the Apple or Android app by searching RxRefill4U

    * Apple App click here

    * Android App click here


2) It will ask you for a Pharmacy Code


    * Both Foothills Drug Store and Kelly's Drug Store use code 0047

3) Select the pharmacy you use by pressing "Select a Location" on the top left hand side of the screen.  A pop up at the bottom of the screen will allow to select either Kelly's or Foothills.


4) Use your prescription number and pin the same way you would with an online refill. Call or email us and we can give you a pin if you do not have a pin.