Our Range of Services

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A selection of our services:

  • Rx-only prescriptions
  • Diabetes Education
  • Weight Loss Classes
  • Travel and vaccination advice
  • Free informational material
  • Compression stockings
  • Immunizations

We want the best for your health. That is why you can count on Kelly's Drug Store for a wide range of basic and specialized services. Use these pages to familiarize yourself with the full range of services offered at our pharmacy.


What we offer:

Diabetes Educational Classes

Medication Management

Prescription drugs

Mailing Service

340 B Billing

CCS Billing

Medicare Part B Billing

OTC Counseling

Vitamin Finder

Medication ID

Immunization & Vaccination



We offer a wide variety of vaccinations including but not limited to : season Flu vaccine, Shingles Vaccine, Pneumonia Vaccine and Hepatitis Vaccines. All vaccines are administered in store by specialized Pharmacist certified in vaccine education and administration.

Do you have questionas about Diabetes? We offer very informative classes focused on educating our patients about this disease. We cover a wide variety of topics that affect blood sugar. We also give great life altering tips that help prevent the progression of Diabetes. Our classes are held at 6:30 pm every 2nd and 4th tuesday of the month at the Valley Springs library.



Have a medication but don't know what it's called? Search for drugs by their color and shape.

Vitamin Finder (Click Here) 


Use this online health tool to find information about vitamins and supplements that can benefit your health